Civilian Spectrums


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The continuous action of building and construction that turns Beirut into a stereotypical city pushed me to start my concept Civilian Spectrums in 2014. It reflects my impressions of people’s lives and the construction of the stories and traditions of the city, where there’s more concrete which is thirsty to exist, which cannot wait until it fills the air, climbing the “metal crowns.” It conquers the space of light that is left, while the identity of the city remains hidden as a metaphysical observer.

The art works will be showcased at The Kindergarten Collective on the 28th of February, a few days before I leave for Istanbul, being grateful for all of the inspiration of Beirut, Ideas to go further with, and a beautiful family, while their beautiful faces were the light that eliminates the shade of concrete masses.

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The Explosion

2011-2014, Paintings
explosion, unhcr, painting, the world Bank, syrian artist, oil on canvas, valuable art, imad habbab

When an event of one second becomes so long, and while seeing  fragments full of emotions, ideas and souvenirs.., each part have it’s own details, also it is quite different than any other part of the second it self

The explosion

Every thing in this universe has two faces, the condensed feelings and emotions being scattered on different levels through small portions of the time, where speech will be unable to surround all of those obsessions.

At a glance we feel surprised in front of innumerable contradictions and binaries which embrace the existence vs. nothingness, cheerfulness vs. pain, light vs. darkness, and saturation vs. fogginess… for a while we can see nothing because of the shock… then silence,a second and it take us to love and living.. When the earth was created some millions of years ago , that big blue diamond we live on, and enjoy its resources and treasures,whatever it gives us pains and hopes, it makes us confused with its continual binaries and obsessions,in depth of our personality and conscience, often it stay hidden cause we suppress some of our reactions, so its enough for us to act with that second as an ugly and destructive thing.. as any ugly we disgust so we feel satisfied cause we are much beautiful.

I want to search for beauty in everything, let the space for my brush to express it, and point to the beauty inside the ugliness..

A calm second although it noise, release a colored fragments describes the toner of this explosion, with the excitement of the moment sometimes and with striving of each molecular to the stability sometimes else.

To create the infinity colored groups, and generate with each single move raise from the center of dichotomy..the dichotomy of the hot and the cold colors with its different tones, and it raise to the gray and what came after of the faded gray on the painting surface.